Cell density calculation

I would like to generate graph of numbers/mm2. From the data output, I have “Estimated Population using Mean Section Thickness with Counts”. How can I transfer it to numbers/mm2 ?

Dear PChen03:
Thank you for writing. I see you are using SI and specifically the optical fractionator to estimate the number of cells in a given three dimensional region. May I ask then please, why you are thinking about reporting number an darea? Wouldn’t it make more sense to report number and volume?
The optical fractionator gives us an estimate of the number of cells, it does not estimate volume at all. If you are also interested in the volume, you have to use some other method. If you do a good job tracing with the contours during the OF workflow, then consider using the planimetric volume. The planimetric volume is a calculation using geometry based on your tracings. We give the planimetric volume calculations with the estimates of number obtained with the optical fractionator. Another way to obtain the volume of the region is to estimate it using Cavalieri point counting.
I am glad you are going to graph the volume vs. number, this way people can see which of the two is changing if either are.