Free webinar: Exploring the Pipeline of Image Segmentation to Scaffold Registration

This two-part webinar series will demonstrate the SPARC MAP-Core image segmentation to scaffold registration pipeline. The MAP-Core team is developing interactive, modular, continually updated visualizations demonstrating nerve-organ anatomy and function based on SPARC-1 research data. These visualizations include finite element based 3D organ models (scaffolds). Registering microscopy image segmentation data to these organ scaffolds not only allows for comparison within and between experiments but also can be used to model nerve-organ biomechanical interactions.

In Part 1 of the webinar series, you will learn how to: - Generate microscopy image segmentation data for registration to organ scaffolds - Use automated and semi-automated image segmentation tools in Neurolucida 360 - Use the SPARC integrations in MBF software can make your data more findable, accessible, interoperable, and interoperable, and reusable by complying with the FAIR data principles

Please find the recorded webinar here: