Free Webinar: Generating movies and presentation images with MBF Bioscience products

This week, for our TJIFriday webinar, the topics will be focused on generating movies and presentation images in MBF Bioscience products, including Neurolucida, Neurolucida 360, Stereo Investigator, Vesselucida 360, BrainMaker, and NeuroInfo.

Join MBF Labs Analyst, TJ Tetreault, to a get an overview of how you can prepare your visual data, and more specifically, how the Post Processing feature and the Movies capabilities work. Whether you’re preparing to create a graphic for your latest grant proposal or looking to create a video for an upcoming presentation, our suite of MBF Bioscience products can help you get the result you’re looking for! Bring your questions and join the discussion.

Date added

December 18th, 2020

Please find the recorded webinar here: