Free Webinar: Reconstruction of Whole Mouse Brain Volumes from Serial Sections for Registration to the Allen Atlas

Please join us for a new webinar on where we will take a deep-dive into NeuroInfo’s BrainMaker workflow to reconstruct whole mouse brain volumes from whole slide images and images of individual serial sections. The innovative BrainMaker process will be explored in depth in this brief, but impactful interactive webinar.

Dr. Chip Gerfen, NIMH Senior Investigator, Dr. Brian Eastwood, Staff Scientist and Dr. Nate O’Connor, Product Manager at MBF Bioscience will demonstrate and discuss how to register and combine serial sections to create whole 3D brain volumes that bring new visualization possibilities to serial section data. We will also discuss how these 3D brain volumes are appropriate for registration to the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas and other brain atlases.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Registering mouse brain sections into brain volumes
  • Presenting visualizations of brain volumes that are not possible while viewing individual serial sections

Please find the recorded webinar here: