Free Webinar: Registering Mouse Brain Serial Sections to the Allen Atlas

Please join us for a webinar where we will discuss and walk-through how to use NeuroInfo to automatically register experimental mouse brain sections to the Allen Atlas. NeuroInfo has tools that reconstruct whole mouse brain volumes from serial sections, detect neurons and other neuroanatomical structures, and register the brain images and marked neuroanatomical structures into the Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework (CCF).

In this webinar, Dr. Chip Gerfen, NIMH Senior Investigator, Dr. Brian Eastwood, Staff Scientist and Imaging Specialist and Dr. Nate O’Connor, Senior Product Manager at MBF Bioscience will demonstrate how to use NeuroInfo to register reconstructed whole mouse brain volumes into the Allen CCF. Using NeuroInfo to reconstruct whole brain mouse brain volumes and to detect neuroanatomical structures will be detailed in future Webinars.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Registering brain sections and volumes and making measurements to the coordinate system of the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas (the CCF).
  • Compiling measurements from different animals and cohorts into the CCF so that meaningful comparisons can be made between animals, cohorts, and laboratories.
  • Questions and answers from webinar attendees.

View the recorded webinar: