Microfile conversion


Can I convert 15GB images from .ims format to JPEG2000? I have been trying to do so with computers with 250GB RAM and the program seems to use RAM but at some point, the program closes automatically without any conversion.

Thank you so much!

Hi Shirley,

MicroFile+ does support IMS images over 15GB. Based on the symptoms you are experiencing, it seems like the IMS image you are using is formatted in a way that Microfile+ is not expecting. IMS image files can store image and tracing data within a single file. Does your image have any form of tracing data (marked cells, traced fibers, masked surfaces) within the file? If so, MicroFile+ could be having trouble reading and converting your image because of this unexpected data type. You could try converting a version of the image that does not have any tracing data written to it.

I hope this information is helpful,

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