Displaced counting frame

Dear Sirs and Ladies,

as you can see below, the counting frame of Optical Fractionator workflow is displaced, being visible just 2/3 of it in the ecran.

I can not move it.

Would appreciate you can give me a hand with this.

@Italo Thank you for your question.
This looks like something that we need to take a look at via screen share. Please email support@mbfbioscience.com with your question or you can fill out this form to open a support case https://www.mbfbioscience.com/open-support-case

This was a pretty common question with older versions of Stereo Investigator.

If you are working from a live image: The simplest fix is to upgrade to version 2017 or newer, where we have added a checkbox to center the counting frame on screen.

If you are on an older version, you need to do the following:

  1. Click Stop Counting (or changes won’t be saved)
  2. Go back to Step 6
  3. Click and drag to center the counting frame on your screen. Make sure it’s positioned entirely over the live image.
  4. Go back to step 10 and click Start counting.

If you are working from SRS image stacks, I also recommend upgrading to the latest version (or at least to 11.11.3). Depending on the resolution of your monitor, the resolution of your camera, and how zoomed in you are, it’s possible to get the counting frame off center. If you have trouble here, definitely open a case with us.

P.S. in the screenshot above, you have monochrome mode turned on. You can turn that off if you would like, just click the color button on the top row of your toolbar next to autosave and mouse wheel focus. In more recent versions we have moved this option to preferences so people don’t accidentally click on it.